Slaitham Station

Slaitham Station provides the imaginary village on a small branch off the Penistone line (Huddersfield to Sheffield) somewhere between Brockholes and Shepley. Slaitham is the terminus for passenger services on this small branch and operates services to Huddersfield. Passengers for Sheffield have to travel to Brockholes for the connecting train. In the past (past past, eg, 1950s not 80s!), services from Huddersfield would go to the various branches of the line - Meltham, Holmfirth and Clayton West - these have since been closed. Due to light use, the station was built only to handle DMUs up to 2 cars or 3 cars because loco hauled services were scarce on such a small service. The line passes the TMD and joins on the Penistone line to Huddersfield. The station has 1 patform set below the height of the road which the line passes under with public access steps to the road and ramp access.

I have used Peco Concrete Platform Edging and 1.5mm plasticard for the platform top. It is painted in a dark grey to represent fairly new tarmac. There are 3 warm yellow street lights each with nameboards. I still need to get a shelter, maybe the Hornby Bus Shelter unless I see something else. I also need to steps from the road. The station has now gained a stone retaining wall around the edge and some peco bridge sides on the bridge.