Slaitham TMD

Slaitham TMD is a small yard capable of storing 4 locomotives in the large shed, 2 in the maintenance shed and more than 5 in stabling points and sidings. The TMD will never get this busy but has these facilities as the nearest TMD is in Leeds. It is based at the end of a small branch off the Penistone line and the hourly services mean that there are plenty of slots for locos leaving the depot for jobs around the Huddersfield, Manchester and Sheffield area. It has  a locomotive washing facility along with refuelling points and  maintenance sheds. The TMD is not large enough to have permanent building (other than the sheds) so 3 portakabins have been bought for offices and gatehouse control. Structures are primarliy Knightwing with 3 Peco Train Shed Units. Stock will include the sectors, Railfreight and any late 80s stock but there are also 2 scrap locos, a Class 25 and a Hymek which are stabled next to the large shed, disused.