Brief Layout Description

Slaitham is a 00 gauge, fictional village somewhere between Brockholes, Stocksmoor and Sheply, near Huddersfield. It's a branch off the Penistone the line. Prototypically, a TMD would not be here due to the landscape and the location but we can pretend, OK! The layout is in my bedroom and covers about 10'6" x 8' of the room. The station is isolated from the TMD between a road bridge and can just fit a 3 car DMU in. The layout is set from around 1989 - 1991 as, although I wasn't born, the liveries attract me (a few years either side aswell!). I will run any sector stock although, anything goes. The fiddle yard need not be big as most stock can be stored or moved around in the TMD itself but the small amount of DMUs and through trains mean there are 2 sidings in each direction plus space for 2 long through trains. The through freights pass the TMD and disappear under a bridge to a fictional freight only line (this was an excuse to make the layout continuous) which heads east towards Barnsley and Milford Junction.